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Teammates Crosby, Sullivan, seem to differ on Torres’ ruling

Sidney Crosby

The Raffi Torres suspension has generated a lot of strong and opposing reactions, even from members of the same team. In Steve Sullivan’s case, his feelings towards the Torres suspension appear to be mixed at best.

Sullivan seemed to hedge his bets by acknowledging that NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan has “a tough job” and “no hit is exactly the same.”

That would seem to imply that he’s sympathetic to the league giving a harsher punishment to Torres than we’re used to. However, that’s not all Sullivan said.

“And now the standard is set again. How many times do we reset the standards?”

His teammate, Sidney Crosby, seemed much more understanding.

“In Torres’s case, he’s done that a few times,” Crosby said. “I think it’s more sending a message to him than anything but I think hopefully at this point guys have got that message.”

It does seem like the fact that Torres is a repeat offender was one of the principal causes of him receiving one of the longest suspensions in the history of the league. After all, Shanahan did cite several examples of Torres’ past wrongdoings before announcing his decision.