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Tonight’s games: No margin of error

Every game has some impact tonight, but Phoenix vs. Calgary is far and away the biggest. We’ll take a closer look at that one and then glance at the remaining six games of the night. Phoenix Coyotes (47-24-6, 100 pts) at Calgary Flames (38-29-9, 85 pts) 9:30 PM ET

You cannot get much more desperate than Jarome Iginla and the Calgary Flames. Earlier today, I called for the heads of the Sutter brothers. The expensive team has been a big disappointment. They might need to win out to make the playoffs, as Iginla said. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, they still have a chance to take the Pacific division.

Florida Panthers (30-33-12, 72 pts) at Buffalo Sabres (42-23-10, 94 pts) 7 PM ET

Florida might as well tank the rest of the season, while Buffalo can improve to the second seed with a break or two.

Carolina Hurricanes (32-35-9, 73 pts) at Montreal Canadiens (37-31-8, 82 pts) 7 PM ET

People are worried that the Canadiens might fall out of the playoffs, but I think they have just enough juice to get in (only to get knocked out with relative ease in the first round).

Tampa Bay Lightning (30-34-12, 72 pts) at Pittsburgh Penguins (44-25-7, 95 pts) 7:30 PM ET

These are the kind of games that the Penguins have to win if they want the Atlantic division title. The Devils have just about every tie-breaker, so Pittsburgh needs to finish the year hot.

Chicago Blackhawks (46-22-7, 99 pts) at Minnesota Wild (37-33-6, 80 pts) 8 PM ET

Chicken Little has entered the building in Chicago. Can the stumbling juggernaut get its act together?

San Jose Sharks (47-19-10, 104 pts) at Dallas Stars (33-29-14, 80 pts) 8:30 PM ET

If any non-playoff team could give the Sharks a headache, it’s their former tormentors in Dallas.

Anaheim Ducks (36-31-8, 80 pts) at Colorado Avalanche (41-27-7, 89 pts) 9 PM ET

Things are looking more than shaky in Colorado as it seems like the odds (and Craig Anderson huge workload) are beginning to weigh them down. It would be a shameful end to a surprising season if they allowed the Flames to usurp them for a playoff spot.