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Twitter Thursday: Brent Burns gets a shoeshine, defends pink socks

Burns Shoeshine

This feature profiles an NHLer that’s making noise on the Twitter machine.

We’ve spotlighted San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns on PHT before for his, um, unique and eclectic tastes. Today, we’re doing that again.

For the uninitiated, Burns has gone on record stating he likes his tattoos, likes his pets, and likes his tattoos of his pets. And thanks to his Twitter account (@Burnzie88), we’re learning there are many more things Burns likes. Shoe shines are one. Garish pink socks are another.

Burns Shoeshine


(@agentwright is Tobin J Wright, Burns’ agent.)

The best part of this exchange isn’t Burns’ defense of his pink socks -- it’s telling his agent they’re from Germany. That’s awesome. Ever attended a fancy dinner party (doubtful, since you’re reading a hockey blog) and have someone ask where you got your jacket? The trick is to always respond with the country of origin rather than “Target” or “the closet.” For some reason, it always wins people over. “Oooh, Cambodia. How exotic!” Stuff like that.

That Burns did this via Twitter only re-confirms he’s one of hockey’s most fascinating people. I mean, who tweets the origin of socks?

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