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Video: The ‘wackiest’ goal celebrations in NHL history

It’s getting to that “fluffy summer time” part of the calendar, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little frivolous hockey fun, right? has been in the spirit lately, as today they featured some of the “wackiest goal celebrations” in the league history. Something tells me they didn’t consult Don Cherry for this list.

I thought I’d share my three favorites from that collection. Here they are.

How can you not root for that troubled sprite named Theo Fleury?

When you think of Teemu Selanne’s rookie record-breaking 76 goal season, that is the enduring image.

It may lack for originality, at least in the entire realm of entertainment, but evoking Jimi Hendrix is rarely a bad move. (Unless you’re choking on your own vomit. Then it’s a pretty bad move.)