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What is Gary Bettman really saying?

Every now and then, you come across a work of art in the blogger world. There are so many great writers, with some incredible insight and creativity, that we have great articles to read to read every single day. Yet sometimes, you come across the pot of gold. Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey has provided us with that today.

Gary Bettman talked with the media before Wednesday night’s game in Los Angeles, hitting a number of topics. There was a bit of sparring back and forth with the media, and Bettman also provided a lengthy Q&A with the LA Times, which you can read here.

Dominik decided to translate that interview, providing a satirical look into the true meaning behind Bettman’s words. Here is a taste:

Bettman: “It’s a coincidence. It’s good to be here. We’ve been planning [the 2010 draft], as have the Kings, for a while, but we know that this is a market that will support hockey. We had a terrific All-Star Game here in 2002, when things were not as exciting as they are today. But you always have to look at these things for the long term.”

“And yet, league movers and shakers still wanted to be able to play golf, so L.A. it is.”

Translation: “It’s totally a coincidence the draft is in L.A. Never mind that with all of last summer’s sideshow, we really really really wanted to prove a point by holding it in Phoenix. But as that ownership quagmire lingered into the winter, it became too much of a reach for even us “this-pig-smells-like-a-rose” types in the NHL office to hold the draft in a city that might not have a team anymore.

I don’t want to steal much more thunder from Dominik, but it’s certainly a great and hilarious read into what the ‘true’ meanings behind Bettman’s words might be.

And honestly, it’s tough to argue with any of them.