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You make the call -- will Flyers-Pens go over or under 7 total goals?

Flyers Pens

Those who bet on the NHL will know that total goals (aka over/under) are almost always set at 5 or 5.5. Occasionally you’ll see a 6, but that’s as high as it’ll go.

Until tonight in Pittsburgh, where the total for the Penguins-Flyers game has been set at 7.

So in the spirit of gambling with nothing but pride on the line, we’d like to encourage all our fantastic commenters, and even the ones who we’re pretty sure comment from their prison cells, to pick whether the total goes over or under 7.

Reasons it might go over:

---- At least 7 goals have been scored in all four games.

---- You would’ve thought both teams would’ve tightened up defensively after Game 1. And then after Game 2. And then after Game 3. But they didn’t, so why should we expect them to tonight?

---- Claude Giroux may think Ilya Bryzgalov is going to be “great” tonight, but when his reasoning includes “I have a feeling,” we’ll go ahead and put that in the “just trying to be positive” category.

---- The Flyers will be without defensive defenseman Nicklas Grossmann (concussion), who will be replaced by inexperienced Erik Gustafsson.

Reasons it might go under:

---- Marc-Andre Fleury hasn’t allowed a goal in over two periods!

---- Ummm...a low-scoring game is due?

Alright, you make the call. I’m taking the under. Because what the hell, I’m staring at 1-7 in PHT’s first-round predictions, so nobody cares what I think will happen anyway.