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Yzerman believes NHL went overboard with boarding rules

Steve Yzerman

Tampa Bay Lightning GM Steve Yzerman told that the league might have over-corrected when it decided to crack down on boarding last season.

“I think we put an emphasis on boarding and kind of rewrote the rule last year, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think it worked out well at all,” Yzerman said. “Now every time a guy gets hit in the boards he throws himself in the boards and lays there until he sees if the referee puts his hands up or not. Players with the puck have some responsibility to protect themselves and not put themselves in vulnerable positions. That’s the one rule I’d like to see us continue to spend time on.”

He didn’t really go beyond that, however, including an explanation of what exactly he would do to change boarding rules.

Still, if there was a silver lining from the last lockout, it came in the rules changes that generally benefited the sport.

There’s plenty of time to discuss what rules you’d like the league to tweak, eliminate or more regularly enforce, so feel free to share the changes you believe would benefit the NHL the most.