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Bettor wins $22k on Blazers-Nuggets Game 1 with longshot parlay

Trail Blazers

When sports are being played, you can bet a lot of money is changing hands. 

In 2020, with 20 states now accepting sports bets, $21 BILLION was wagered. 

That's up $17B in just two years, according to

And it's not just the games themselves that people can bet on.

Options can even be as specific as a players' stat line. 

One bettor took a parlay on the Blazers-Nuggets, meaning they lumped a number of individual bets into one, which makes the odds less favorable to the person wagering. 

In it, a man put $100 on a number of player stat lines, as well as the Blazers to win the game straight up. The odds were +22079, which are LONG odds! 

And it hit!

A $22k payout on $100 ain't bad! 

The bets placed weren't outlandish, either. Most of them were at or a little above each players' season averages. And of course the roll of the dice was on the winner of the game.

Now this man is $22k richer and we'll see if he will let it ride in Game 2, which tips off at 7pm on NBCSNW.