Growing up a country girl living not only in the sticks, but in an area known for Bigfoot sightings, I have definitely played with the idea that Bigfoot could be real. To be honest, there was even a sighting on the corner of my familys property a couple years before we bought it. The prospect that Bigfoot is a living breathing being is nothing new. Bigfoot is known by many different names, and stories of this creature have dated back for centuries.

Traveling up to Olympic National Forest and meeting with the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) was the only place to go to get the real skinny. This is an organization that compiles information, data, and sightings from not only around the United States, but also around the world. I was able to sit in on a meeting with the group and listen to the encounters that they have all had in this particular location. They presented footage of sightings and footprint casts. I couldnt wait to get out there and have my own encounter. So I guess the best time to experience such an event is late at night. I was taught how to use the night vision cameras and the thermal image cameras. I had to be ready for spending the night out by myself for the next nights hunt.

We took a day trip to some of the locations where Bigfoot had been sighted. It was important to see what the area looked like and be familiar with it in the daylight. While we were out, we came across an old dark train tunnel. When I went down into the tunnel, it was unbelievably spooky. I dont know. I guess being in the dark by yourself and looking for Sasquatch tends to stand the hair up on the back of your neck.


After our long day hunt, I thought it would be important and fun to make a nice meal for the crew. They were amazing to work with, and I wanted to thank them. I took control of the kitchen for the night and made some gumbo. Mmmm it was yummy, and got us ready for the late night hunt.

Here we go! My first hunt for Bigfoot! I was stoked! I was learning from the best, and hopefully I would get to tell my own story after tonight. Well, it was pouring down rain and incredibly hard to hear which poses a little bit of a problem when you are trying to listen for Bigfoot. I was soaked to the bone, but still thriving off of the adrenaline of the anticipation of the possibility of my first encounter. I was out for awhile in the dark making big foot calls. Yes, I made big foot calls which to me sounded like a scream. However I was told that it was the mating call to male Bigfoot. WHAT? I was giving mating calls to a Bigfoot! Dont know if thats a good idea. Well, the bigfoot must not have been interested in me because there was no sight of him! I guess that could be a good thing.

We decided to use the wood knocking technique. I made a sequence of knocking sounds on a tree. After the process at a couple different locations, we were on the top of a ridge, and I proceeded to make a sequence of knocks then we all listened closely. All of the sudden, we all at the same time actually heard a strange form of knocking repeated back at us. It was the CRAZIEST thing ever!!!!!