Bad Ash

Achieving catharsis through making and enjoying fish tacos

Bad Ash

The driving force behind nearly everything I do is to give myself the best opportunity to enjoy life right where I am. I believe that the best life is lived outdoors, surrounded by friends, and loved ones. Life in the Pacific Northwest is at its best when you can enjoy the beaches, delicious ocean fare, and be among the last people in the country to watch the sun fall into the ocean. Since rockfish outings have been so productive lately, why not tie all those things together by enjoying some rockfish tacos on the beach?

This episode shows how cooking fish outdoors can be simple yet unforgettable. With a handful of ingredients and some heat to cook over, you can enjoy your catch with an ocean view. Here’s what you need:

  • 2-3 filets of black sea bass 
  • 3 tbs of avocado oil
  • ½-1 packet of taco seasoning of your choice
  • Mango salsa
  • Slaw
  • Lime 
  • Tortillas

Directions: Over a cast iron pan, add 3 tbs of oil and bring to medium high heat. Add filets and sear each side in oil. With a spatula, cut apart the pieces into bite-sized taco pieces and sprinkle on seasoning. Cook for 2-3 minutes, and squeeze half of a lime over the fish. Garnish with Mango salsa, slaw, and more lime if desired. Enjoy at sunset with friends and family. 

If you try the recipe, let me know what you think and send photos!