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Bad Ash: Adventure is out there

Bad Ash

Hello, friends! 

We are taking some time off this week! Between crabbing, salmon fishing, and working hard in the kitchen, we were ready to enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the very things we have been sharing with you. 

I believe there is an important lesson here, too. Personally, spending time outdoors is my recharge from working hard. It’s my time to let go of stress, center myself, and gain perspective. After some fishing time, I usually decide that my problems just aren’t that big in the grand scheme of life. Since March of 2020, I’ve found that to be more true than ever. I need that time to recharge outdoors, and I believe we all do. 

So, for this week, I hope you’ll kick back and enjoy some of our previous episodes. Learn to make up a batch of rockfish tacos! Plan your next trout fishing trip, and treat yourself to a delicious salmon dinner. 

Thank you for being here for these adventures, I encourage you to share our episodes with folks in your life that might benefit from it. 

More coming soon!