Break out with Bad Ash: How to clean, cook, and enjoy fresh caught crab


This week we are taking our catch from the field to the table! I caught a pile of crab in our last episode from the jetty using my rod, and crab hawk crab trap. This episode shows how you dispatch, clean, cook, and enjoy crab.

The process is simple, and with a tad bit of instruction, you can certainly do this on your own even if it is your first time. Break out a large pot, salt, and seasoning of choice, and you have everything you need to make it happen. In the video, I used a particular piece of equipment, and if you do not have it there are other ways to clean your crab.

Cleaning the crab is important to me, but you do not need to do that. Many folks feel like cooking them whole and alive is the best way to enjoy their crab, I have done so myself and enjoy the crab all the same. When you cook the crab whole and clean them later, you will notice a yellow substance/fluid left over.

Most refer to this as the crab butter and enjoy it as a delicacy!

Sadly, domoic acid- a naturally occurring toxin from algae- concentrates in this part of the crab. The domoic acid is dangerous to humans, and most health authorities caution against consuming the ‘crab butter’.


For this reason, I recommend you kill, clean, then cook your crab.

In this video, you will notice I used a tool to kill or dispatch my crab. It sure makes the work fast and easy if you have many crabs to cook, and you do not need them to get the job done. You can also use a steel grilling spatula to do the same job or other similar kitchen utensils. I have even used a butch knife, flipped the crab over, and cut through to the back shell.

If you catch and cook your own crab, congratulations for breaking out and trying something new! Enjoy it, and send me a photo of your work, I LOVE seeing how others are enjoying their catch.

Bad Ash’s Favorite Recipe:

  • A few cleaned crab
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Himalayan Pink Salt


Bring a few quarts of water to boil in your crab pot. Add a few shakes of seasoning and salt, a teaspoon of each is fine or adjust to your liking. Add your cleaned crab and boil for 7-10 minutes. Dump water and crab into the sink, and quickly cool off your crab by running water over them or putting them on ice.