Bad Ash

Hook a Trout, Get Hooked on Fishing

Bad Ash

Do you remember your first fish? 

For many of us, our very first cast into the fishing pond was with the hopes of reeling in a trout. The Pacific Northwest is home to many trout species too! Both stocked and wild rainbows, browns, cutthroat, brook, lake and bull trout and their various sub-species all call the PNW home. Spring offers the best opportunity at catching the spunky fish in ponds, lakes, and rivers.  It’s that diversity and abundance of opportunity that makes trout such a great beginner fishery.

Many folks want to try fishing, but do not know where to go to have success. Both the Oregon and Washington Departments of Fish and Wildlife spend vast amounts to provide well stocked lakes and up to date information so beginners are able to easily find locations and access points.

 Second, the rate of success makes for an exciting day, which is crucial for a new angler! Getting skunked time after time is the best way to destroy a new angler’s enthusiasm. On the other hand, having success and building confidence is an integral part of retaining new anglers.

Trout fishing is often the entry point into other forms of fishing, like salmon or steelhead fishing. Understand trout fishing basics provides an angler the foundation from which to grow their angling skills.

For me, my mother was the teacher of fishing. To be honest, there was never a time she sat us kids down and said, “look, today we are learning to fish!” Rather, she took me and my younger brother and sister out camping, and fishing was an expected part of the trip. We were a family of modest means and spent our vacations together at various campsites across the northwest. At many of those locations, there was sure to be a trout stream nearby. 


I hope you find this episode on trout fishing helpful, and I hope you share it with someone who wants to try fishing!

-Bad Ash


Gear Used

  • Ugly Stik Carbon Spinning Rod- 6’10” Moderate Fast
  • Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel- size 10
  • Berkley Lightning Rod- 6’6” Medium
  • Berkley Hit Stick – Hot Pink Silver
  • Kastmaster Spoon
  • Berkley Nanofil, Clear Mist – 4lb