Bad Ash

The Importance of Finding Community

Bad Ash

Fishing adventures are entangled with the best parts of my life. My connection with my Quinault heritage, my deepest belly laughs, and my closest friends have something in common; they would not be in my life without a slimy flopping fish! 

Have you heard the saying, 'you don't know what you don't know?' There was a distinct moment where fishing became more enjoyable, meaningful, and enriching to my life, on and off the water. That moment was when I inherited a community of female angling friends. I say 'inherited' because I want to recognize that someone else did the work to create a space for us to find each other. In our case, it was a Take Me Fishing event for Women Making Waves in outdoor spaces. Fishing was great before that, but I did not know how much more I would love the sport until I surrounded myself with other women who were passionate, like me.

Our worldview, our experiences, and our passions were diverse while being relatable. Suddenly, I realized I had been a little bit of a loner prior to meeting them. Sure, I had lots of friends, most of which were male. The friendships I had with women were just different, and they filled a void that I now recognize as critical. I needed community, and the fishing industry has a distinct lack of women and people of color! It is getting better, but to move the needle further I believe we need to have more space and attention around female voices- to share their stories. 


At last, I am so proud to introduce you to my friends. We talk about industry double standards, the significance of community, and much more. This is only a sample of what is to come, but like anything that matters, we are taking time to get it right. 

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Gabriella Hoffman

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