Bad Ash

Salmon Fishing with Tom Nelson

Bad Ash

Salmon fishing in Seiku, WA was something my family and I did so often when I was younger. Seated in traditional and contemporary S’Klallam territory on the northern part of the Olympic Peninsula, Seiku trips meant we were to fill the freezer! It had been nearly ten years since my last Seiku trip, and I could not imagine a better friend to enjoy it with than Tom Nelson. 

The fishing was a blast, but there is a more important message here; the significance of mentorship. Tom supports all my fishing endeavors, even when they led me into college. I went back to school to earn a degree to advocate for our resources and fisheries. Tom recommended me for scholarships, extremely competitive ones which I was awarded. Those scholar experiences shaped me into a better advocate for our fisheries resources today, allowing me to work with folks across many organizations to give back. 

The mentorship Tom has so graciously extended to me embodies the spirit of the outdoor community. That community places high value on mentorship, friendship, support, finding your own food, and much more. To be honest, there is work to be done to make the community more inclusive for all. I consider Tom, Joey, Shane, and Bruce to be among the best. Tom and Joey help folks across the Northwest by sharing information on the radio show The Outdoor Line. 

Finally, this series is in some ways an extension of Tom’s mentorship. When good people show you a thing or two about fishing, it is wonderful to catch a fish. However, the one thing better than catching the fish you worked so hard to find is….to pay it forward. 



Bad Ash


Pure Fishing Gear Used: 

HMX 10'6 Medium Heavy Casting Rod

Penn Fathom II Line Counter Reel