Bad Ash

The Significance of Salmon

Bad Ash

While fishing for salmon is a wonderful experience, eating my salmon bares deeply significant meaning to me. Enjoying salmon for food does three important things for me. First, it connects me to those who came before me. The Indigenous peoples of this land, my ancestors, have been eating salmon from these very rivers for hundreds of generations. Salmon is not just a food source, but our stories, histories, and social lives are all built upon the foundation of salmon. Second, preparing a fish you caught for others brings people together in a way that I believe we need to experience more of. Third, salmon is a wonderful source of protein and omega-3 oils! Essentially, salmon can ground us in our significant histories, brings you closer with friends, and is good for your health! 

This preparation is a hybrid of one friend's advice, another friend's amazing rubs, and my touches added. 

The recipe is simple:

Find a great rub you love, the one I used was by Warpig Smokehouse (a Washington owned company) in Honey & Pecan

You can use others if you’d like! I recommend one that has garlic, salt, paprika, chili peppers, and a bonus if you can find one with a nut/sweet flavor. 


Rub the fish and let it sit in a cool area/fridge for about 45 mins-1hr.

Spray your grill with oil to prevent sticking, and cook meat side down. Cook for about 1-2 minutes, then flip!. Cook for another 3-4 minutes. If you have a thicker fish this will take longer, and for a thinner fish, it will cook more quickly. Once you see the white-colored oils cooking out, you are nearly done. Press down on the fish, if it is squishy then you need a bit more time. The moment you start to firm up, then pull the fish off. 

Enjoy with your friends and family! While you are at the table, talk about the river you fished, your favorite thing about the experience, and the people who came before you and fished the same fish you are enjoying. I know you will find it meaningful and delicious. 


Gear Used

We didn’t go fishing this week, but, as seen in last week’s video, I used the following rods and reels to catch my salmon:

-- HMX 10'6 Medium Heavy Casting Rod

-- Penn Fathom II Line Counter Reel