Bad Ash

Tips & tricks to making car camping simple and unforgettable

Bad Ash

Camping season is upon us! Good on you for making the decision to spend some time connecting with nature! My best memories from childhood (and adulthood) include setting up the tent and exploring the woods around camp.

You don’t need a big truck, or tons of stuff to be comfortable and have a great time! State and national forests are accessible for anyone, and you can dispersed camp for free in many areas. In this episode, we are showing the basic camping setup, tips to make the trip memorable, and how to select an awesome camping spot. I decided to camp from my car which means a bit more comfort, and I save money because I don’t have to pay for ultra light gear. 

If you’re deciding to disperse camp do make sure you; 

  • check for fire bans
  • do research ahead of time for potential camp locations
  • consider regulations for closures for wildlife 
  • watch your forecast, know how to prepare ahead 

Tent Set up advice:

  • •do not set up directly under a tree)
  • •avoid setting up at the base of a hill 
  • •consider terrain; flat, remove rocks, already hardened space 
  • •don’t set up too close to the fire 
  • •shoes off outside the dent, set them inside for the night to keep them dry
  • •go for the view!
  • •store food away from wildlife, be bear aware
  • •no food in tent!

Pro-tip: Check state fish and wildlife pages for stocked lakes, then find a camping location near that area. Fishing & camping trips are a blast! 



Finally, honor these amazing areas by leaving the place better than you found it. Don’t forget to share your photos with me of your trips. Send those to


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