Catch Fan Controlled Football on NBCLX: Glacier Boyz vs. Wild Aces in FCF Championship

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Do you miss football right now? 

We’ve got you covered.

You can catch the 2021 Fan Controlled Football Championship game Saturday on NBCLX.   

FCF is a new way of looking at pro football for the modern digital world. All games are played in a high-tech studio arena and streamed live.

This Saturday, on NBCLX, the Glacier Boyz take on the Wild Aces in the FCF Championship Game at 4:30 p.m. PST.

Are there are plenty of local Northwest ties to the FCF. 

Former Seahawks cornerback and five-time Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman is part of owner of the Glacier Boys. Plus, Marshawn Lynch is a co-owner of the Beasts. 

As for former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Josh Gordon, who now plays for the Zappers of the FCF, just missed out on the Championship game after the Zappers fell to the Wild Aces in the semi-finals. 


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The FCF was founded in 2017, but this will be the first ever Championship game. In the condensed version of the outdoor game, the teams feature seven on seven with a three-man line.

There are no kickoffs, no punts and no goalposts.

And it’s a fast paced game with all the contests concluding over a one-hour span.

The clock never stops and there are no replays.

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Former NFL player and now current FCF Commissioner Ray Austin explained to NBCLX how the league is continuing to grow and why he believes it will be the next big thing in the sports world.

"We wanted to take fan engagement, gaming and live traditional sports and sort of smash them together and create this awesome product for the digital fan. We're dealing with a different fan now," Austin told NBCLX. "It's not like when I grew up and people would watch you play football sitting in the stands with a soda and a hotdog."

Find out more about Saturday’s FCF Championship at www.lx.com.