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Denver radio station releases cringeworthy rap song hyping up Nuggets

Trail Blazers

Not all ideas are good ideas... 

Throughout the history of time people have done anything for attention.

Whether it's through something good, bad, or reckless.

What the guys at Altitude Sports Radio 92.5 FM did is bad AND reckless. The Denver Nuggets radio home released a rap song featuring morning radio shows Brett Kane, Vic Lombardi and Marc Moser as a tribute to the team, claiming it “slaps.”


You can't unhear that! 

Also, who says "slaps"...?

Usually, if a rap song is a quality, the listener would say "this bumps."


But also, you knew it wasn't going to be any good by the use of "Yeah awww" to start the track.

Now, nobody likes false advertising. Especially from guys who know their lyrics are atrocious that even a professional studio couldn’t make them sound even moderately decent.

Since the posting of the song to Twitter on May 5, the Nuggets went 4-3. Their play became below average the vocals of the men at ASR.

Also, since the posting of the song, two notable things have occurred. J. Cole dropped a new album titled “The Off-Season” and began a career in the Basketball Africa League; Denver will be facing Damian Lillard in the first-round, a man with legit rap experience as a solo artist and working with other famed artists.

Cole going pro and Denver facing Lillard and the Blazers is a clear sign for ASR to leave the rapping to the ones who take it serious.


Brett Kane is clearly the ringleader of this whole charade. Think of the kid at a talent show who comes up with the choreography with their friends. It's destined for failure and even they mess it up. 

Here are the worst lyrics, in no particular order:

  1. "He drops 3's like I drop rhymes... my daughter says 'he be fine'" -- What with a 44% success rate? Also, too much information. 
  2. "MPJ, score all day, his defense is just ok" -- Porter's defense is better than this song. 
  3. "Finding Joker, Joker finding him, it's a two-man game, they'll always win." -- MAKE IT STOP
  4. "Setting screens for AG, running picks so eloquently, running down, the jumper's elementally." -- What does this mean? 
  5. “Stepback J Kabloom. Step back, back, back, back (whispering)”-- These are what nightmares are made of...

Yeah, nah... 

Please don't make one for the playoff series vs. the Trail Blazers... we're begging you.