Betting odds are in for the next Los Angeles Chargers head coach


The NFL season is over, and 14 football teams are still playing for a chance to win this year’s Super Bowl.

18 NFL teams did not have the record to move on further into the season and six of those teams decided it was time to move on with their head coaching situation.

One of those teams is the Los Angeles Chargers, who parted ways with head coach Anthony Lynn after four seasons.

That team and coaching search is worth mentioning because former Oregon Duck Justin Herbert had a phenomenal rookie season.

And the next head coach for Herbert could be pivotal for his career in the NFL and the Chargers.

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Although a hire has not been made just yet, as you would expect, some prop bets for who could potentially be the next coach are already up, as provided by our partners over on PointsBet.

At the top of the list at +300 is Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, whose offensive exploded this year behind Josh Allen, and Stefon Diggs. 

The team finished the season second in yards per game (396.4) only behind the Kanas City Chiefs, and second in points (501) which is right behind the Green Bay Packers.

Teams such as the Jets and Jaguars are already making moves to interview Daboll as we speak.


The next coach at +300 is Carolina Panthers Joe Brady, who has already been interviewed by the Falcons after letting go of Dan Quinn this season.

Brady has only been in the NFL for just one season, but his tenure at LSU and what he was able to bring out of Joe Burrow during the national championship run could be an interesting grab for a young quarterback like Herbert.

Next is Kanas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy at +450, and then New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels at +600.

Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith is listed at +800, as well as Kanas City Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub.

After that, the bets go into the +1000 with Matt Campbell, Pat Fitzgerald, Pep Hamilton, and Robert Saleh.

A familiar face in the Northwest is Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer at +1100. We would have to see if that is even a possibility for the Chargers after the season is over.

Herbert’s rookie year will go down in history with the number of records he broke in just a short amount of time. Despite having a losing record, he showed a lot of promise that he is that team's franchise quarterback for years to come.

The Chargers have a lot riding on who will lead the young quarterback into the future, and despite the money attached to it from PointsBet, it is a big move for the team in LA.