If the Bengals don’t draft Penei Sewell, they should leave the NFL


Oregon Ducks offensive lineman Penei Sewell is widely regarded as one of the best in this year's NFL draft.

While his stock has been falling heading into the next week's NFL Draft due to the influx of QBs that will be taken, there is one team that already has theirs established and are sitting at the No. 5 pick: The Cincinnati Bengals.

Protecting franchise quarterback Joe Burrow should be the main priority, right?

Well, some Bengals fans think otherwise actually. Which had former ESPN NFL analyst Mike Tannenbaum up in arms about it.

Tannenbaum went on to chastised Cincinnati sports talk show host Mo Egger for not selecting Sewell in his recent mock draft.

In his mock draft, Egger thinks the Bengals should select LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase.

A fantastic receiver no doubt about that, but Tannenbaum thinks that protecting Burrow should be the main concern at hand.

Tannenbaum went on further by comparing the possibility of the Bengals selecting anyone but Sewell to the quick break up of the European Super League.

If the Bengals select anyone but Sewell in the draft, Tannebaum says the Bengals should just leave the league altogether.

“You know yesterday we saw the super league (European Soccer) just disband overnight,” Said Tannebaum. “If the Cincinnati Bengals don’t draft an offensive tackle they should be disbanded and revoked from the NFL. Last year, last year this is remarkable…Joe Burrow threw the ball 450 times in 10 games.


Unacceptable, they cannot go out on the field this year unless they draft an offensive tackle.

Mike Tannenbaum

The Bengals, without a doubt, are going to get a solid pick with either Sewell or Chase at the No. 5 pick.

They are both great players and will certainly help out with the offense.

National analysts are going to have their opinion on what the Bengals will do with that pick, but it is ultimately up to the general manager to decide what the team will do moving forward.

But they should think about one thing: Burrow’s rookie season was cut short because of an ACL tear.

If they believe he is the future of the franchise, I believe protecting their quarterback should be the main priority of the team.

We will see if the Bengals think the same thing when the NFL draft starts up.