Justin Herbert finally reveals the reason why he doesn’t use Twitter


Today's pro athletes are on social media now more than ever before.

With social media becoming an integral part of the branding of players, it makes sense to keep up and have an account, especially as it pertains to interacting with fans.

However, it’s rare sight when you see an athlete not on any social media. Almost somewhat baffling at times if we are being honest.

So that is why it is strange that former Oregon Duck Justin Herbert is not on Twitter, and we finally got the reasons as to why that it is.

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The NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year joined Barstool’s ‘Pardon My Take’ on Monday and explained why he stays away from Twitter and its honestly a pretty simple one.

I mean, it's just kind of a negative place sometimes.

Justin Herbert

A very simple answer but a very true statement nonetheless.

The fact that someone like Herbert doesn’t have a Twitter in the year 2021 is pretty awesome if we are being honest.

Obviously getting news can a challenge if you don’t have Twitter, and Herbert knows that. 

But hey, he says he is having fun with that whole process.

I mean obviously we don't get as much news, so I kind of find the news elsewhere, but it's been fun, though.

Justin Herbert

The good thing for the Chargers is that their young franchise quarterback doesn’t like to be to distracted, and wants to focus solely on football.


The Chargers should expect Herbert to be back stronger than ever this upcoming NFL season.