Justin Herbert should be Chargers starting QB-- so what's with the resistance?


Los Angeles Charger rookie quarterback Justin Herbert has been showing and proving his worth over the last two games.

Herbert has produced back-to-back 300-yard games.  Why not give the rookie the helm to the fictional steering wheel and let them see how it goes for the rest of the year?

Because head coach Anthony Lynn is not ready for the move just quite yet.

With Tyrod Taylor still out for at least one more game due to a punctured lung from a pain-killing injection before the Week Two game against the Chiefs, Lynn isn’t ruling him out completely when he returns.

From what I am assuming, he wants to see more film from Tyrod before letting the rookie go for it all.

“My primary concern right now is getting that young man healthy, getting him healthy and then we’ll go from there,” the Chargers coach said of Taylor.

With the rookie quarterback on a roll already, slowing the momentum down could potentially slow Herbert in his already impressive performances.

Granted, his play has resulted in an 0-2 record for the rookie, and Taylor has the one win under his belt, could be the reason for Lynn and his hesitation.

The NFL is a much different beast than it is from college. Everyone on the field is faster and stronger. The timing and understanding, for some players, takes some time.

But Herbert seems to be learning fast and adapting to the NFL life. He's the quarterback of the future and he's giving you no reason not to name him the permanent starter. So do it already!


Lynn did say some positive things about Herbert and the game against the Panthers.

“The young quarterback stood in the pocket,” Lynn said .“He didn’t flinch as he threw the football and made some completions under pressure.”

Herbert will be facing a legend in Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this Sunday. If Herbert performs well and even goes as far as beating Brady, will Lynn make Herbert the starting quarterback for the year?

A lot will be told after Sunday’s game, and the future is now in Herbert’s hands.

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