Marcus Mariota has other NFL teams envious, clamoring for his services


Former Oregon Duck Marcus Mariota played better than expected in the loss against Justin Herbert and the Chargers last Thursday.

And now after his performance, fans from a certain team are wanting the former Heisman Winner as their starting quarterback when the season wraps up.

On Thursday, starter Derek Carr pulled his groin in the first quarter of the game. Mariota was called up to bat and played the entire game with Carr not returning to action.

Like I said in the beginning, Mariota played a lot better than what people were expecting. He went 17-for-28 and threw for 226 yards with a touchdown and an interception. 

He also ran for 88 yards on nine carries and had a touchdown on the ground as well.

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Although the Raiders did lose the game 30-27 in overtime, Mariota’s season debut sparked one fanbase to make a lot of noise to bring the former Duck to their team:

The New England Patriots.

For the Patriots, this season is one they have not been used to in a very long time. With Tom Brady out of the picture, and the Cam Newton experiment not working out as planned, fans believe it is time to find someone new at the helm of their team.

Jarrett Stidham is still unproven at the moment, and although their playoff dreams for this season are finished, they most likely won’t be able to get a decent quarterback in the draft depending on where they pick.


Thus, New England fans are getting creative on their quarterback options. That is where Mariota comes into the picture.

And the game against the Chargers was enough for most fans to hop on the Mariota train.

Mariota does have some starting experience, as he did play his first five seasons with the Tennessee Titans before being picked up by the Raiders to be the backup.

It is also worth noting that his next season's cost is just $10 million, a price any team can pick up if they chose to bring Mariota in as a starter for their team.

It's easy to understand why Patriots fans want to see him come to their team.

With that being said, the game on Thursday was just a small sample size. With Carr being a 50/50 shot to play Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, Mariota could show more reason as to why he still is a starting quarterback in the NFL.

If he continues to play that well for the next two weeks, as he did on Thursday, Patriots fans might have a suitable guy in Mariota next season as their starting quarterback.