Marcus Mariota (quad) could make preseason debut Sunday against 49ers


During training camp Raiders QB Marcus Mariota let it be known he’s still interested in being a starter in the NFL.

The one way to prove he's a capable starter is to at least play respectable during the preseason.

Well, due to a quad injury he missed their first two preseason games, which led to Nathan Peterman taking all snaps in their penultimate preseason game.

“He’s just not ready to go, physically,” Jon Gruden said after the game. “He competed against the Rams [in joint practices], but he’s limited. We’re not calling plays for him right now with the lack of limitation. He’s got a quad strain. We think he’s got a chance to play against the 49ers. The way he plays, we do not want to get him out in a live situation and let him cut it loose. He’s just not ready to go. He was ready tonight on an emergency basis, but right now he’s just not ready to go.”

Gruden saying Mariota could receive playing time in their season-finale against the 49ers could be a bright spot for the former Duck. It could be his lone opportunity to showcase his arm to other teams that may be in the market for a starter.


Raiders starting QB Derek Carr jokingly wished Mariota didn’t receive much playing time because he enjoys his company so much. Through two games he’s gotten his wish.

“I hope he doesn’t play too much because then someone is going to want to try and come get him,” Carr told The Athletic. “We enjoy having him around. Honestly, out of all the quarterbacks I’ve been around, I could hang around with him all day long. So, hopefully, when he gets in there, he balls out.”

In the event of a possible trade, Mariota has the power due to a no-trade clause and would at least have some say on where he would land.