NCAA Council approves proposal to allow one-time transfers with immediate eligibility


The NCAA is taking a big step forward when it comes to student-athletes and their eligibility.

On Wednesday, Stadium’s Brett McMurphy reported that the NCAA Division I council has approved a proposal that would, if passed in January, allow a one-time transfer from any sport to be able to play immediately without penalty or needing a waiver.

A handful of sports, including football, require student-athletes to sit out a year if they want to transfer to a different school.

If passed, fall and winter student-athletes would have until May 1 to transfer while spring student-athletes would have until July 1 to notify transferring.

Obviously, student-athletes still need to be academically eligible in order to able to make the transfer.

This is a big step for student-athletes and their right to express interest in a different school if they feel the one they are at is not the best fit for them.

There is bound to be some division if this proposal passes with programs expressing concern that they will have a hard time keeping student-athletes on campus, while the student-athletes will have more freedom than ever before.

College football is changing, and it is changing right in front of us. It will be interesting to see where the NCAA will be in the coming years.