Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott says teams need to be .500 to be bowl eligible this season


The Pac-12 conference is set to return to action this Friday, Nov 6, for an abbreviated six games for the 2020 season.

The typical requirement to enter into bowl eligibility this year has been somewhat lifted due to the Covid-19 pandemic at large.

However, for the Pac-12, that is not going to be the case this year for teams.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott announced on Wednesday during The James Crepea Show on KORE 1050/95.7 that the league wants its bowl teams to be at least 3-3 to have bowl eligibility.

“We’re still in our discussions with our partners involved in all those bowls,” Scott said on Wednesday. “There are some that are challenged with the requirements, but we’re still hopeful that we’ll have a full complement of bowl games for our teams that are eligible, which like it’s always been, will require you having a .500 record or better. We’ll obviously have a reduced schedule this year, but we’re looking to maintain the .500 – we want teams that are .500 or winning.”

With that being said, it does seem that the Pac-12 is now fairly open to every team to at least compete for a bowl shot, Oregon Ducks being the preseason favorite and the USC Trojans right behind them. The Utah Utes are also another team to keep an eye on.

As much as the Pac-12 really has no room for error, the season is already off to a rocky start.

Per the Pac-12, the game between the Washington Huskies and the Cal Golden Bears has officially canceled due to Covid-19.


The Pac-12 may be off and running this Friday, but the margin of error just got a lot smaller for teams such as the Bears and Huskies.

Other teams need to be aware at what is at stake this season.