Report: Pac-12 football beginning on Halloween still possible


UPDATE: Although the Pac-12 was leaning towards starting the season on November 7th following Friday's meeting due to the conference recommending six weeks of full-contact practices before playing competitive games, Jon Wilner of The Mercury News reports that one source says that the Halloween start is not off the table yet, even if not all teams will be ready.

“[Friday] was a tough day for some, but we're going to be fine,'' the source told The Mercury News.“We've got a plan, and it's a good plan.”

The Washington, Arizona and Mountain schools would be able to play by Halloween, per Wilner. 

--The original article was published on September 17th. -- 

A day after the Big Ten announced its fall football season was back on, the Pac-12 is now looking to make their move.

The league is targeting Oct. 31 for its first week of games, according to Jon Wilner of The Mercury News.

The Pac-12's targeted date will allow the conference to play eight games and contend for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

However, there are three primary hurdles to clear to make this date: local health restrictions lifted, approval from the CEOs and reaching consensus in regards to training camp schedules.

Pac-12 medical advisors have informed the league that players need six weeks to prepare for games—a two-week ramp-up period followed by four weeks of full-contact training camp. 


Teams will not be allowed to start full-contact practices until the daily antigen tests are made available, which will be at the end of September.

Some within the conference are discussing shortening that timeframe to five weeks, though Wilner reports six weeks is more likely.

Oregon governor Kate Brown OK'd Oregon and Oregon State to have football seasons, but will not proceed until the Pac-12 provides a written plan for state officials. 

The Bay Area schools (Cal and Stanford) are the final teams awaiting approval from health officials. 

If the season does begin on Oct.31st, then the Pac-12 presidents would need to vote for the restart on Friday so teams have enough time to prepare.

The conference title game would be held on Dec. 19th.

Pac-12 football looks like it is coming back, people.