Comcast SportsNet Northwest, home of Northwest sports television, today announced a brand new, unique and compelling program, Dwight JaynesPosting Up. The unprecedented sports interview series premieres Thursday, October 13th @ 10pm.

Jaynes, who has covered Oregon and northwest sports for over three decades, interviews major sports figures in this region and beyond in an unparalleled format. It's a chance for sports fans to get an up-close look at people they've never seen interviewed at length. There is no similar opportunity to view these kind of extended, exclusive, frank sports interview sessions anywhere else on regional television.

Dwight JaynesPosting Up includes twelve, half-hour episodes, with Jaynes going one-on-one with the following sports icons:

Phil Knight
Nike co-founder and University of Oregon uber-fan.

Rich Brooks:
Former Oregon State football player, collegiate and NFL coach.

Charles Barkley:
Basketball bad-boy, commentator and hall-of-famer.

Scott Brosius:
1998 World Series MVP and Linfield baseball head coach.

PJ Carlesimo:
Ex-Blazers head coach, notorious for being strict and fiery.

Craig Robinson:
Oregon State head basketball coach and brother-in-law of the President.

Tommy McVie:
Veteran NHL coach, with the Stanley Cup, which now bears his name after Bostons victory earlier this year.

Mike Riley:
Oregon State head football coach and former NFL coach.

Tinker Hatfield:
Innovative Nike shoe designer and Matt Knight Arena graphic designer.

Bucky Buckwalter:
Former VP of Basketball Operations on staff with the Blazers 1978-1997.

Tom Trebelhorn:
Native Portlander, former MLB manager and current manager of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes.


Frank Peters:
Kooky, storied former Oregon State basketball player, Portland minor league baseball manager, and gubernatorial candidate.