High School

High School

The Lillard brothers are taking over the sports world.

Houston Lillard, older brother of Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, has been named head football coach at Jefferson High School in Portland. Lillard began calling plays as offensive coordinator for the Democrats last season.  

Lillard’s football career began at San Lorenzo High School in Oakland California, where he was an All-League quarterback. Like his brother Dame, Houston also played basketball and averaged 16.0 points per game. 

Upon graduation, he went on to play football at Laney Community College. In 2005, he threw for 1,833 yards and 18 touchdowns and first-team All-League honors. Lillard led the Eagles to a Golden Gate conference championship, as well as a victory in the Capitol Shrine Bowl. 

Lillard transferred to Southeast Missouri in 2006, but his time with the Redhawks was plagued with injuries. He suffered a season-ending knee injury prior to fall drills in 2006 and then a rib injury in 2007 that caused him to miss a month. In his two seasons with the Redhawks, Lillard finished with 2,067 yards, 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. 

Lillard tried to revive his football playing career in 2014, when tried out as a quarterback for the Portland Thunder, the city’s arena football league. Things didn't work out, though, as former Oregon Ducks quarterback Darron Thomas was at the helm.

Now, Lillard is taking his years of football experience and knowledge of the game to Jefferson High School. Congratulations on the new gig, Houston!