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Jusuf Nurkic claps back at reports of Dame wanting out of Portland

Trail Blazers

BREAKING NEWS: The Bosnian Beast is the hero Portland deserves. 

Rip City woke up to some crazy "news" on Friday when reports started to circulate that star guard Damian Lillard may request to be traded out of town.

Henry Abbott of True Hoops started the fire when he sent a Tweet stating that his sources had confirmed Dame would request to be moved. 

Now, Abbott's sources may have intel on the situation but I'd venture to guess they don't have the same intel as Lillard's very close friend, his teammate Jusuf Nurkic.

Nurkic saw the news on Twitter and quickly went into Bosnian Beast Mode to shut it down.

Abbott didn't back down. He asked Nurk, "Has he told you different?." To which point Nurk slammed the door shut. 

Y’all keep guessing at this point. That’s my brother and you still have a better source

Jusuf Nurkic

 When another reporter tried to join the "Dame wants to be traded" story, Nurk shut them down too.

Dame may end up wanting out, he may not. Things in the NBA can change in an instant. But one thing is for certain, Nurkic is a legend for defending Rip City.