What are the Kraken’s odds to win the 2021-22 NHL Stanley Cup?

The Seattle Kraken have +1400 odds to win the Western Conference.
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The puck hasn’t dropped yet for the start of the 2021-22 NHL regular season, but it’s never too early to look at who will come out raising the Stanley Cup at the end of it all. 

The odds are out, predicting the winner of the Stanley Cup, as well as the odds to win the Eastern and Western Conference. There are some teams that were expected to have favorable odds while there are also some surprises 

Here’s a look at the odds for the conference winners and the Stanley Cup. 

Who has the best odds at winning the Eastern Conference?

It’s no surprise to see the Tampa Bay Lightning atop the favorites to win the Eastern Conference, according to our partners at PointsBet. With the tweaked four division alignment last season in the league due to COVID, there was no winner of the Eastern Conference. The Lightning, who are the last winners of the Eastern Conference which was in 2020, come into this season as +350 favorites to win it again. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs, who have yet to win a playoff series since 2004, have the second-best odds at +500. The Boston Bruins, who came out as Eastern Conference champions in 2019, have the third-highest at +650. The New York Islanders (+800) and Florida Panthers (+900) round out teams with odds better than +1000. 

Here are some of the best odds for teams to win the Eastern Conference. 

Tampa Bay Lightning, +350


Toronto Maple Leafs, +500

Boston Bruins, +650

New York Islanders, +800

Florida Panthers, +900

Carolina Hurricanes, +1100

Pittsburgh Penguins, +1200

New York Rangers, +1200

Washington Capitals, +1400

You can find the full breakdown of the odds here

Who has the best odds at winning the Western Conference?

On the Western Conference side, the oddsmakers at PointsBet have it as a two-horse race. The Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights are set as the two heavy favorites to come out on top in the Western Conference, with the Avs at +195 and the Golden Knights at +290. Those two squads tied for the best record in the league last season so it doesn't come as a shock to see those two set as the early picks to battle it out for the West. 

The next closest favorite is the Edmonton Oilers at +900. They are the only other team listed with odds better than +1000 to win the conference. 

Colorado Avalanche, +195

Vegas Golden Knights, +290

Edmonton Oilers, +900

Minnesota Wild, +1000

Dallas Stars, +1400

Seattle Kraken, +1400

St. Louis Blues, +1800

Chicago Blackhawks, +1800

Winnipeg Jets, +2000

Calgary Flames, +2000

You can find the full breakdown of the odds here

Who has the best odds at winning the Stanley Cup?

Despite being back-to-back Stanley Cup champions, the Lightning don’t head into the 2021-22 season as Cup favorites. 

Granted they do have the second-best odds at +600, but it’s the Avalanche that come into the season with the best odds at hoisting Lord Stanley at +500. The Golden Knights are tied with the Lightning at +600, as it’s those three teams sitting at much higher odds than the rest. 

Behind those three squads are Maple Leafs at +1100, Bruins at +1400 and the Hurricanes at +1600. 

Here’s a look at some of the other best odds to win the Stanley Cup. 

Colorado Avalanche, +500

Tampa Bay Lightning, +600

Vegas Golden Knights, +600

Toronto Maple Leafs, +1100

Boston Bruins, +1400

Carolina Hurricanes, +1600

Florida Panthers, +2000

New York Islanders, +2000

Pittsburgh Penguins, +2200

New York Rangers, +2200

Edmonton Oilers, +2500

Minnesota Wild, +2500

Washington Capitals, +2500

Dallas Stars, +2500

The Kraken have +5000 odds to win a championship in their first year on the ice.

You can find the full breakdown of the odds here

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