Mike 'Doc' Emrick, retires after nearly 5 decades of iconic hockey play-by-play


Mike “Doc” Emrick announced his retirement this morning and sports said "So long" to one of its most erudite voices.

I said, “sports” and not just “hockey.”

Emrick has been the iconic voice of the National Hockey League for decades and an NBC institution. Three times he was named national sportscaster of the year -- and that means all sports, not just hockey.

I don’t expect a hockey play-by-play announcer to win that award even once in the coming years, let alone three years in a row.

He has been hockey’s Vin Scully.

Emrick, who has been calling hockey for 47 years, had a passion for the sport and the people who play it that was reflected in his style, which was sprinkled with more interesting adjectives than pucks used in an average NHL season. His voice featured the same sort of friendly warmth that marked Scully's baseball career. And like Scully, he was a storyteller of the highest order.

He has been the NHL voice for NBC for 15 years, has called the Olympics and everything else that has to do with the sport over his long career. He has won eight sports Emmys and is in seven Halls of Fame.

He is one of a kind and will be sorely missed by all of us who share his love for the sport.