Mitchell Trubisky experience is Chicago version of drafting Sam Bowie

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First, I need to start this article by apologizing. 

I apologize for re-opening the wound, Trail Blazers fans. 

The 7'1," 235-pound wound that hasn't fully healed since it was opened in 1984.

It was the 1984 NBA Draft where the Portland Trail Blazers used the No.2 overall pick to draft Kentucky's Sam Bowie.

Perhaps the pick wouldn't have hurt so much if it weren't for what happened next - The Chicago Bulls used the No. 3 pick to draft Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Bowie played just 139 games with the Blazers, with 114 of them coming in his first two seasons. Lingering leg injuries held Bowie to just 25 games over his final three seasons in Portland, and he missed the entirety of the '87-'88 season. In the summer of '89, he was dealt to New Jersey.

As for Jordan... he would go on to win six championships with the Chicago Bulls, beating the Blazers in the Finals in 1992, and would walk away from the game in 2003 as arguably to greatest player to ever play the game. 

More than 30 years later, the mishaps of that infamous Trail Blazers draft still haunt fans in the Northwest. 

But it appears the city of Chicago isn't always the lucky one on draft night, because the Chicago Bears may have a Sam Bowie of their own. 

In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Bears used the No. 2 overall pick (what is it about that number?) to draft North Carolina's Mitchell Trubisky. 


Trubisky has struggled in Chicago, and despite a Pro Bowl appearance in 2018, he just hasn't lived up to the hype. 

On Sunday, with the Bears down double-digits, head coach Matt Nagy pulled the plug on Trubisky and inserted Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles. 

Foles led the Bears to the comeback victory and sent Trubisky to the bench for the foreseeable future.

So, what does this have to do with Sam Bowie? 

Well, just like the Blazers did in 1984, the Bears may have passed on football's Michael Jordan.

The very next quarterback taken in the 2017 NFL Draft was Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes. 

The same Mahomes, who was named league MVP in 2018, led the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl victory since 1969, and recently signed a contract extension to become the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Mahomes, like Jordan, is winning titles and is one of the best players in the league. 

Trubisky, like Bowie, had high expectations but could be looking for a new home after just a handful of seasons with the team that drafted him. 

But not all is lost, Chicago fans.

28 years after passing on Jordan, the Trail Blazers drafted an unknown point guard out of Weber State by the name of Damian Lillard. 

In his eight seasons, Lillard has set the league on fire and is arguably the greatest Blazers player of all-time.

Chicago, your football Michael Jordan may be in Kansas City, but you can rest easy knowing that your Damian Lillard is somewhere out there.

Have the Bears fully given up on Trubisky? That remains to be seen. 

At least for now, Blazers fans can finally look at Chicago and say, "Hey, we know how it feels."

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