Ken Griffey Jr. has had some disdain for the New York Yankees... for a long time.

On Sunday, he explained the reason as to why that is.

Griffey shared a few stories from about 40 years ago when his father, Ken Griffey, Sr., played for the Yankees during MLB Network’s documentary “Junior.”

The story of Griffey and his hatred from the Yankees all started when former Yankees manager Bill Martin had an employee tell Griffey Jr. and his brother, Craig, to pipe down while near the Yankees clubhouse.

Giffey Jr. felt that he was being singled out, as other sons of players were being just as loud.

Another story, Griffey recalled, adds more fuel to the fire.

“I came up to visit my dad and it was just me and him. I got to the ballpark early and I'm sitting in the dugout and the security guard comes over and says, '[Then-Yankees owner George Steinbrenner] doesn't want anyone in the dugout.' My dad was like, 'What? He's my son.' So he goes, 'Alright, hey go in my locker. But before you go, look at third base.' It's Graig Nettles' son taking ground balls at third base,” Griffey Jr. said.

“And at that time, my dad was 38 years old, he's like, 'I ain't fighting this no more. I got somebody a little younger. And a little bit better.’

The documentary shared an archived video of Griffey Jr. signing baseballs for Yankee fans. When one fan asks for Griffey to play for the Yankees, he responded with a quick “No."


If the Yankees were the last team … if they were the only team that gave me a contract … I’d retire.

Griffey Jr. went on to demolish the Yankees in five games, hitting five home runs alongside seven RBIs and an OPS of 1.488 in the series.

His Yankee hatred stuck with him since he was a child, and never let it go.

He never forgot what the organization did to him and how he felt disrespected.

One thing Griffey Jr. did not do was not play his best baseball when it was the Yankees.

Over his career against the Yankees, Griffey Jr. batted .311 with a .987 OPS and 36 home runs.