He was named one of the 100 greatest NHL players of all-time in 2017 after winning two Stanley Cup’s with the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Now, Ron Francis, looks to bring his 22 years of hockey experience as a player and general manager to Seattle. But first, there’s a long list of business items Francis and NHL Seattle has to accomplish before the league’s 32nd expansion franchise takes the ice in 2021.

Francis went live on Twitter Friday afternoon for a happy hour session to provide fans with an update on the team, while the 2019-20 season is paused due to the coronavirus.

First things first, fans wanted to know what the update is on the future team’s name. Here’s what Francis had to share on the unveiling of the team name, which was rumored to be announced in late March. 

“We’re still going through that process with the league, working hard on the trademark and the legal process,” Francis said. “Trust me when I say our people are really working hard on this and soon as we’ve completed it, we’ll look at how our community is doing and when is the right time to announce that name. 

“We know there’s a lot of people who are super excited about the name. We hear you. We’re excited about it as well, but we also know at the same time that there’s a lot of people in our community experiencing challenges, so we certainly want to be very respectful and sensitive and think about when is the right time to share our name with everybody, but we’re looking forward to doing that hopefully sooner rather than later.” 


Francis didn’t rule out the possibility that the Seattle team could incorporate some history into their uniforms. One fan suggested using the color scheme or design of the Seattle Metropolitans, who played in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association from 1915-24 and won a Stanley Cup in 1917.

“Yeah, cool looking jersey,” Francis said. “That’s certainly something I’d be happy to pass along to them for consideration.”

Francis says it’ll be interesting to what transpires with the coronavirus pandemic currently impacting league play and how it’ll effect NHL Seattle leading up to their first puck drop.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how things pan out,” Francis said. “There’s a lot of things that could affect us in regard to cap and where that level is at, players have to play 40 game a year vs. 70 previous two years.

“Rest assured we’re doing everything to build the best possible team for our city and our fans.”

Francis also delves into how the team is preparing for the expansion draft and what qualities he is looking for in a coach and in building his team. Head on over to the NHL Seattle Twitter for more updates.