There are people all over the state of Oregon and all over the country who have been keeping up on the potential of Major League Baseball to Portland. On Wednesday morning, the Portland Diamond Project introduced its new website to keep you updated on the project’s efforts, goals, and more.

Some of the main objectives for the goal of the ballpark is to build an iconic stadium that enhances the cityscape, while providing a catalyst for workforce housing around the ballpark.

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A good majority of people who have been following the Portland Diamond Project know that former Trail Blazers TV play-by-play announcer Mike Barrett is a big part of the baseball advisors & executive team. But did you know Craig Cheek who is a retired Nike executive is the Found and President of the Portland Diamond Project?

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Portland’s baseball history dates back 150 years. The tab of the “History of baseball in Portland” on the Portland Diamond Project website has an incredible timeline illustration of the various baseball landmarks in Portland’s history starting with the first Portland baseball club in 1866.

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You can join the Portland Diamond Project’s 'MLB to Portland' movement at