The Portland Diamond Project has partnered with Restore Oregon to secure a new home for the 1921 Jantzen Beach Carousel, they announced Tuesday afternoon via their Twitter.

From the renders released on their social media, it appears the historic carousel will be installed near the new baseball stadium. 

The carousel was built in 1921 by  C.W. Parker and closed in 2012 when the Jantzen Beach shopping center underwent a $50 million renovation. The mall's owners promised to house the carousel in an empty, climate-controlled store where it would be restored once construction finished. However, it never returned.

Restore Oregon added the carousel to their list of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places shortly after. In 2017, the mall's owners announced they donated the carousel to Restore Oregon who began a search for a permanent home. Well, they found a partner. 

In November 2016, the Portland Diamond Project signed an agreement in principle to develop the Port of Portland’s 45-acre Terminal 2 Property as the future home for Portland baseball.

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