"It's the Boyles and Phil Knight. Those are the two biggest names in this area in terms of sports business and what they were able to bring to this state and this area," Nigel Burton said eloquently on Rip City Drive this morning in reference to the passing of Gert Boyle, famed leader of Columbia Sportswear who passed away yesterday at age 95

In the clip above, Nigel describes his interactions with the Boyle family referencing a recent event he was at with Gert Boyle's son, Tim: 

They had a little video about Columbia Sportswear and how it started and everything and it brought people to tears. It was very old-school, her father started Columbia, and of course...passed it to her daughter's husband. Then when he (Neal Boyle, Gert's husband) passed away...she was just like screw it, this is our life...we're just going to have to go ahead and do this. We're going to have to figure this out.

Nigel talks about how he was able to meet Gert and her son Tim a couple of times and describes the family:

They are just kind of these salt of the earth people. It is really sad, but true to form for the Boyles, she passes away and they're like 'Oh no, don't send flowers. Make a donation to cancer research and we're going to have a party.' That's like the most Gert thing of all-time!


Gert was also the star of her famous line of of "One Tough Mother" commercial ads. One of her classics can be seen below: