UPDATE: Brosius, MLB issue statements in wake of allegations made against Mike Trout


Major League Baseball... is burning. 

Caught up in one of the biggest cheating scandals to ever rock the league, it appears some would prefer to see the entire baseball world scorched. 

In recent days, MLB managers AJ Hinch, Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran have all lost their jobs because of a scheme devised by the Houston Astros that uses trash cans and video cameras to send out signals to hitters.

To pour gasoline on the fire even more, the latest rumor about one of the MLB's best players could bring the league to its knees. 

David Brosius, son of former Seattle Mariners third base coach Scott Brosius, accused Trout of taking human growth hormone for a "thyroid" issue in what are now deleted comments on Instagram. 

David Brosius, who was a baseball player himself, a left hand pitcher who spent one season at Oregon State before transferring to Linfield, also deleted his Instagram account in the wake of the social media comments he made.

NBCSNW cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the now deleted account. 


Scott Brosius, who was born in Hillsboro, Oregon and attended both Rex Putnam High School and Linfield College, played for the Oakland A's and New York Yankees. He's a three-time World Champion, a Gold Glove winner and was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. He became head coach at Linfield in 2008 and was named Northwest Conference coach of the year five times (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014). In 2013, Brosius' team won Linfield's first NCAA national baseball championship. 

In addition to confirming the now public cheating scandal that has shaken the MLB to its core, Scott's son, David, threw out the unsubstantiated claim that, true or not, carries equally harmful implications. 

"If you want to read something better, Mike Trout takes HGH for a 'thyroid' condition," Brosius wrote on Instagram. "It's a loophole he found and the MLB doesn't make it public because they don't want fans knowing their best player is on HGH. But people within know..."

Trout has never been suspended for a failed drug test throughout his career. The Angels outfielder has earned eight All-Star Game nominations, seven Silver Slugger Awards, and three American League MVP trophies in his nine years as a professional baseball player. 

The claims are unconfirmed and baseless, but David's close family ties (his dad) to the Mariners 3rd Base Coach is enough to get people's attention. 

So, to recap...

Ugh, not Yelich, too...