Things got a little crazy in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) on Monday when former NBA player Terrence Jones got in a scuffle with Calvin Abueva.

It all started when Abueva, a player for the Phoenix Pulse Fuel Masters (yeah, that's the team's name) hit Jones hard trying to run through a screen, sending Jones to the ground. 

Jones, a Portland native, retaliated by punching Abueva in the groin then attempting to elbow him in the chin as he got up from the floor. Jones was not called for a foul.

Obviously upset, Abueva retaliated in a big way.  While Jones was running to the corner to get a loose ball, Abueva came running after. At first, you thought Abueva was just making a play for the ball, that was until he extended his right arm and clotheslined Jones sending him flying.

Well, Jones wasn't too happy, jumped up to get some retaliation of his own, and the two had to be separated by teammates. However, it wasn't over yet. 

During the ensuing timeout, Abueva got up and the scorers table and started dancing to mock Jones. 

This all resulted in Abueva's ejection, and it was later announced that his actions have got him suspended indefinitely from the PBA.


So, next time someone asks you "whatever happened to Terrence Jones?" 

You can tell them he's playing for TNT KaTropa in the Phillapines, hitting people in the junk, and is occasionally on the receiving end of WWE'esque clotheslines from hell. 

The PBA is wild.