The city of Seattle has been yearning for the return of its beloved NBA team, the Seattle Supersonics. 

The team, who was owned by Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, was sold to Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett in 2006 and moved to Oklahoma City two years later. A dispute over a new potential arena was said to be the focal point of the team’s decisision to relocate.   

Fans were dumbfounded and heartbroken over the move, but the Emerald City has not stopped dreaming about the return of the Seattle SuperSonics. 

In a recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal said he heard “in the grapevine,” that there are a couple of NBA teams for sale. He did not shed light on which teams could be on the market, but acknowledged Las Vegas could be a possible landing spot. 

What we do know is that the San Antonio Spurs ownership group are reportedly selling a minority ownership stake in the franchise, but do not plan to leave San Antonio. Joseph Tsai also became an NBA owner for the Brooklyn Nets last August by purchasing a majority stake of 51 percent. It’s unclear if either of those organizations are on Shaq's list of those selling.

Many believe Seattle, not Las Vegas, would be the first city to warrant consideration. At this time, the Sonics have two ways of returning: relocation or expansion. Now that the city is constructing New Arena at Seattle Center to host an expansion NHL hockey team in 2021, it’s feasible to think the Sonics could one day call Seattle Center their future home. 


NBA Twitter had some ideas of which franchise they’d eliminate to bring back the Sonics. 

Sports legends like Sue Bird, Isaiah Thomas, Jamal Crawford are personally all for a Sonics revival. Even recent Hall of Fame inductee Kevin Garnett told Tim Reynolds of AP that he would bring a team to Seattle if he could. 

"If I have a dream, I would say that I would love to be able to go and buy the Seattle SuperSonics and reactivate the Seattle Northwest and get NBA loving back going into that area,” Garnett said. “I think it's needed and it's essential. Seattle was huge to our league. Not just Portland, but the whole northwest. I would love to be able to do that."

Maybe it’s just a pipe dream for Seattle to get the SuperSonics back... or maybe something miraculous could transpire in the coming years. Nonetheless, there’s a history there, and Seattle deserves to have an NBA franchise return home sooner than later.