Jets DC Gregg Williams thinks Jamal Adams ‘may get bored’ with Seahawks defensive scheme


The matchup between the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks in week 14 should already be marked on your calendars with the whole Jamal Adams fiasco.

On Thursday, Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams decided to add more fuel to already anticipated game on the Seahawks calendar.

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Commenting for the first time on last month's trade that sent the star safety to Seattle, Williams poked the Seahawks' defensive scheme and if the departure will change the way he deploys his safeties. 

It really doesn't. We're very multiple with how we do those things anyway. Jamal may get bored there because they don't use their safety-type things with all the complexities ... uh, maybe not showing what they're doing as much as we do.

The Seahawks normally run their hallmark Cover 3 scheme, which Williams does run as his runs ever-changing fronts and disguises.

But, if you remember, the Seahawks Cover 3 has been working pretty fairly for some time now.

A top-10 defensive team in ever season from 2011-2016, a Super Bowl win with the “Legion of Boom”, as well as producing star safeties Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor.

Williams was complimentary of Adams, who, at the end of the day, was a big reason why the Jets, despite many injuries, finished seventh in total defense.

Adams will be replaced at strong safety by Bradley McDougald, whom they acquired in the trade, along with 2021 and 2022 first-round picks. McDougald will be paired with free safety Marcus Maye, with rookie Ashtyn Davis possibility contributing in a specialty role.


[Listen to the latest Talkin’ Seahawks Podcast with host Joe Fann]