Seahawks lock Chancellor down with contract extension

Seahawks lock Chancellor down with contract extension

When the Seattle Seahawks drafted Kam Chancellor in 2010, not even the most optimistic of fans could have envisioned the impact the safety out of Virginia Tech would have.

The organization made sure they'll have plenty of opportunities going forward.

On Tuesday, the Seahawks and Chancellor agreed to a multi-year contract extension, reportedly a 3-year, $36 million deal, which head coach Pete Carroll said is "a wonderful day for the Seahawks organization." Chancellor, 29, who along with Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman formed the famed "Legion of Boom" defense, is entering his eighth season in Seattle.

“I love this team,” he said Tuesday. “They gave me the first opportunity—the only opportunity—and I would love to retire here.”

Chancellor took over as a starter in 2011 and has averaged 57 tackles per year, despite only playing a full season three times. Chancellor also has 12 career interceptions. However, it's his presence as a ball-hawking, missile-seeking safety valve that has defined his career. When he missed four games last season, the intimidation factor in the Seahawks secondary was gone.

“He kind of brings a swagger to the defense, and to the whole team really," Doug Baldwin said last season. "There aren’t many people who can go up against Kam and win that battle, so he kind of brings the hammer for the whole team. Then obviously his leadership in the locker room, he’s just one of those guys who is down to earth. He can talk to anybody, have a conversation with anybody, cares genuinely about everybody, and he brings everybody together.”

That leadership will be around for a lot longer now.


Yes, you worry about your kids playing football... but are you worried YOU may have CTE?

Yes, you worry about your kids playing football... but are you worried YOU may have CTE?

You've heard about this study by now. If you ever played NFL football, there's a real good chance you're suffering or WILL suffer, the effects of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). They studied the brains of 111 former NFL players and 110 of them showed signs of it. And that study included a punter and a placekicker.

Everyone is talking about whether they'd allow their children to play football, in light of this very chilling data. I must say, I wouldn't. For me, it isn't even worth a second thought. No way. Stick to baseball or basketball. Broken bones heal but broken brains don't.

In fact, I must say that even watching the sport bothers me a lot. Are we watching brains being sliced and diced for our personal entertainment?

And what I'm wondering today is how many former football players -- the ones who didn't make it to the NFL and played only in high school or college -- are worried about brain damage? And oh, by the way, it's a condition that can't be diagnosed until death. You probably wouldn't know you had it until the scary symptoms start to appear.

It's very clear that anybody who ever played the game at any level has a real chance of having the condition.

This study showed that 21 percent of those who played high school football had evidence of CTE and a whopping 91 percent of college players did. Now the flaw in those statistics is the brains that were studied could be much more likely to show evidence of CTE because they likely belonged to people who showed symptoms -- and that's why they were contributed to the study.

But still... This is some very depressing data and I can't even imagine what former college football players might be thinking right now:

Do I have CTE? Will I have CTE? Will I be rational enough even to recognize I have it?

NFL passes new rules that could impact the upcoming season


NFL passes new rules that could impact the upcoming season


Every year, NFL owners like Paul Allen meet to discuss different ways to improve to the league and different marketing techniques that will continue to grow the brand.

This year, owners gathered and made some major decisions, most notably being the approval of the Raiders relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas. Those weren’t all the changes made this year, however. Team owners recently decided to vote on some rule changes that they believe would not only speed the game up, but improve player safety by trying to solve the NFL’s concussion problem as well.

Let’s take a look at the approved changes that will be in effect for the upcoming 2017 football season.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

The NFL is trying hard to bring back a little fun to sport. As a matter of fact, the league announced on Tuesday, May 23, that it was loosening its strict rules about on-field celebrations. This means that celebrations that include “using the football as a prop” after a touchdown are now permitted. Other celebrations that include ground demonstrations, or dancing with cheerleaders and teammates are also permitted to a certain extent, of course.

Offensive celebrations that are prolonged and delay the game for any reason will result in a player being penalized and face a possible fine along with a 1-2 week suspension. For the most part, however, it’s open season for celebration.

Stronger Enforcement on Illegal Hits

At the annual league meeting back in March, NFL clubs voted on making additional rule changes to the way football games are officiated in order to help improve the health and safety of players.

These changes were proposed by the NFL club members and the NFL competition committee, a group that has met over several times since the conclusion of the 2016 season to discuss player safety with physicians, safety experts, and other experts. By enforcing these rules, committees are hoping they can minimize injuries like concussions, knee injuries, and temporomandibular joint pain; a joint that’s located on the side of the skill and if not treated, could cause locking of the jaw.

Here are some of the approved health and safety related 2017 playing rules proposals:

  • Giving a receiver that’s running a pass route defenseless player protection.
  • Prohibiting crack back blocks by a backfield player who’s in motion.
  • Prohibits the “leaper” block attempt during field goals and extra point plays.

These rules aren’t designed to penalize players. Instead, they were created with the intent of making the game of football safer by encouraging healthy behavior traits both on and off the field.

Technology: Centralized Replay Review

Each week, millions of people watch NFL games on their television screens or in person. Increasingly, they also follow the action on a second and, in some cases, third screen. Smartphones, computers, and tablets make it all possible for fans to witness the action live. That being said, instant replay is being used now more than ever in the NFL. As a matter of fact, only 17 percent of games were played without a replay in 2013.

How does it work?

Well, state-of-the-art technology powers the command center that the league uses to help monitor games and evaluate the officials who operate the instant replay system. As of this year, referees will no longer be expected to go hide under the “hood” to review plays. Instead, the final say on replay reviews and challenges will come from Senior Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino and his crew, who will work from the league’s command office stationed in New York.

Don’t worry; referees will still be able to communicate their opinions on the decisions through a wireless headset and video tablet. The committee believes that with quicker review time, the game will go by faster by at least 1.5 minutes per game.

Technology instant replay also helps team physicians increase their knowledge of a patient’s condition after an injury. In other words, during a play, it’s hard to determine how a player got injured with 21 other men running around the field colliding into one another. With instant replay, however, officials can zone in on the injured player before the ball was snapped to see what happened. This helps doctors determine how players got injured and what part of the body suffered the biggest impact.

So, who’s ready for football season to start?

Seahawks sign Austin Davis, all but ending Kaepernick speculation

Seahawks sign Austin Davis, all but ending Kaepernick speculation

It was viewed by some as a perfect match: the downtrodden and humbled former star, in search of a new home and identity, collaborating with a team in desperate need of help at his position. On Monday morning, that scenario appeared to close completely. Colin Kaepernick to Seattle looks to be done, as the Seahawks signed Austin Davis to be their backup quarterback going forward.

Davis, 28, is entering his sixth season and spent last season with the Denver Broncos, after stops in St. Louis and Cleveland. Jake Heaps was released to make room for Davis.

Trevon Boykin will compete with Davis for the #2 role behind Russell Wilson. Davis has played in 13 career games, with 10 starts. The most efficient game of his career came against Seattle in 2014, when he completed 17 of 20 passes for 155 yards and two touchdowns, leading the (then) St. Louis Rams to a 28-26 win. 

With the signing of Davis, which Seattle made official today, the Seahawks appear to be, at least at the time, out of the Colin Kaepernick game. After visiting with the team last week, it was widely speculated that Kaepernick and the Seahawks would come to an agreement, especially given the similarities in style between he and Wilson.

Head coach Pete Carroll said a couple days ago that the Seahawks would not be signing Colin "at this time," but did not shut the door completely. 

"Colin's been a fantastic football player, and he's going to continue to be," Carroll said. "At this time, we didn't do anything with it, but we know where he is and who he is and we had a chance to understand him much more so. He's a starter in this league. And we have a starter. But he's a starter in this league, and I can't imagine that someone won't give him a chance to play."

With Davis, Boykin, and Wilson under contract, that intriguing saga looks to be gone.

Chip Kelly is returning to football... as an analyst


Chip Kelly is returning to football... as an analyst

Chip Kelly has finally landed a gig. This time though looks a little different... Want to see more of Chip Kelly's iconic TV interviews? Well now you can. Former Oregon Ducks head football coach and NFL Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly will be joing the ESPN staff as a college football analyst on Saturday's and appearing on SportsCenter to provide NFL analysis on Sunday's.

"I spoke with a lot of people this offseason about different situations for me — in coaching and TV," Kelly said in a statement. "I had various opportunities in both. In the end, I have had a relationship with ESPN for many years from when I was coaching and after speaking with them, I decided it was the best step for me to take."

Kelly, who was with the Oregon Ducks from 2009-2012, accumluated a 46-7 record and lead them to a Rose Bowl victory in 2011 and a Fiesta Bowl victory in 2012 before heading the NFL. His three-year NFL coaching career with the Philadelphia Eagles (2013-2015) came to a hault after recording 10-6, 10-6, and 6-9 seasons. Kelly then made his way to the Bay to coach the 49ers for just one season after going 2-14. 

Be sure to check out this article for more information on the move.

Patriots could receive comp pick for Blount after issuing May 9 tender

Patriots could receive comp pick for Blount after issuing May 9 tender

UPDATE: The Patriots extended LeGarrette Blount the rarely-used May 9 tender, which is worth 110 percent of what he made in 2016 ($1.1 million). The tender allows the Blount to count toward New England's 2018 compensatory-pick formula should he sign with another club. If he does not sign with another club before July 22, the Patriots will have exclusive negotiating rights with Blount from July 22 through the Tuesday after Week 10 of the regular season. Per Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Blount has no plans to sign the tender at the moment.

It's time to talk compensatory picks. Again, I know. 

These things are the source of a whole lot of confusion for many because the way in which the league determines who gets compensatory picks, how many, and in what rounds is based upon a secret formula. 

That's right. Like the special sauce on your Big Mac.

What we do know about the formula, though, is that it's based on free agents lost and free agents signed by a given team in a given year. The level of those free agents -- which factors in salary, playing time and postseason honors -- is also taken into account.

Picks are then awarded to teams who have lost more (or better) free agents than they acquired. 


Former Ducks, current L.A. Rams DB Troy Hill suspended first two games


Former Ducks, current L.A. Rams DB Troy Hill suspended first two games

Former Oregon Ducks football defensive back Troy Hill (2010-2014), who now plays for the Los Angeles Rams, has been suspended the first two games of the NFL regular season for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse, as reported by NFL Insider for ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Since graduating from the University of Oregon, Hill was signed as an undrafted free agent to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015. He was with the Bengals just seven months before being claimed off waivers by the New England Patriots. But Hill was waived again just five days later. He now plays for the Los Angeles Rams.

Here is a statement from Joe Curley, Los Angeles Rams insider for the Ventura County Star:

- Troy Hill of the Los Angeles Rams has been suspended without pay for the first teo games of the 2017 regular season for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.

- He will be eligble to return to the Rams' active roster on Monday, September 18 following the team's September 17 game against the Washington Redskins.

- Hill is eligible to participate in all offseason practices and games.

Seahawks go defense, select Malik McDowell with their first pick

Seahawks go defense, select Malik McDowell with their first pick

Eight months ago, the thought of Malik McDowell being available in the second round of the NFL Draft would have been ludicrous. However, that's the exact scenario that played out, much to the liking of the Seattle Seahawks.

After making two first round trades, eventually taking themselves out of the round altogether, the Seahawks wasted no time on Friday in bolstering their defense, adding the defensive lineman from Michigan State with the #35 pick, which they acquired from the San Francisco 49ers yesterday.

From ESPNs Mel Kiper, Jr., on McDowell: "...the defensive tackle Malik McDowell has top-10 talent, but he needs the right coaching staff in order to realize his full potential."

Odds are he found that in the Seahawks, a perennial top-5 defense. McDowell provides both bulk (295) to his long frame (6'6"), and should be able to hold his own internally on the line, or split out as an edge rusher. Adding him to the line, which already includes stalwarts like Michael Bennett, should help bolster a defense that was susceptible to big plays towards the end of the season. 

Seattle (at the moment) will also have the 58th pick, taking place later tonight. 

Trades with Atlanta, San Francisco keep Seahawks quiet on Day One

Trades with Atlanta, San Francisco keep Seahawks quiet on Day One

Needing immediate help at nearly every position on the offensive line, the Seahawks entered Thursday's NFL Draft holding the 26th pick. Staring down at a weak draft from the OL perspective, Seattle traded down not once, but twice, stockpiling picks for later in the draft.

The Seahawks first traded with the Atlanta Falcons, who owned the 31st pick. Their second move was swapping that pick with San Francisco; Seattle received a second round pick (#34) and the #111 pick in the deal.

The 49ers took Alabama linebacker Rueben Foster, who was projected by some to go as high as five, with the pick. 

Myles Garrett went #1 overall to the Cleveland Browns, who also got Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku in the opening round. Mitchell Trubisky went to the Chicago Bears, and Deshaun Watson was picked up by the Texans, who traded Brock Osweiler to the Browns.

Rounds two and three are Friday; the draft concludes on Saturday. 

2017 NFL Mock Draft – who’s going number one?

USA Today

2017 NFL Mock Draft – who’s going number one?


I love the NFL Draft. How many other sports can dominate the news cycle for weeks leading up to an off-season event? The intrigue in the draft has only increased in the social media age, with the increase in draft related content. And that is so great.

This is the time of year that every team is undefeated. Every team is selling hope for a brighter future. So many of these college kids are fulfilling a lifelong dream.

The thing that differentiates the NFL Draft and other major league sports drafts is just how many difference makers can be found in the draft. The NBA Draft feature 60 picks. Each year, only about 6-8 of those will turn into game changers for their teams, 2-4 will likely become All-Stars.

There are 253 picks in this year’s NFL Draft, nearly half of them will be called upon to start at some point during their rookie year. These are true franchise changing draft picks.

While it is impossible to correctly project all 253 draft picks in this weekends draft, I give my take on the top 32 selections in the first round.

1 – Cleveland Browns – DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M

Cleveland has the first pick of the draft for a reason, they are a dreadful football team. One of their lone bright spots last year was the development of wide receiver Terrelle Pryor; well he left in free agency. This team needs an infusion of talent. Garrett is the best player in the draft. The Browns could go QB here, but would likely regret that by mid season.

2 – San Francisco 49ers – QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. New General Manager John Lynch needs to put his stamp on this team in the draft, no better way than by swinging for the fences and finding your franchise quarterback. Trubisky is raw but has all the tools. The 49ers need talent in a lot of places, but you can’t win in this league without an elite quarterback. I am not sold Brian Hoyer is the answer in the bay.

3 – Chicago Bears – CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State

This is another spot that Trubisky had been rumored but the Bears just gave Mike Glennon a 3-year, $45 million contract. That would be a terrible use of resources for a team that is so deplete in talent in such a tough division. The Bears have to play Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, and Sam Bradford two times each season. Getting a cornerback that can help hold those guys under control is huge.

4 – Jacksonville Jaguars – RB Leonard Fournette, LSU

The Jaguars love power backs. They already have Chris Ivory on the roster, but that won’t stop them from drafting a guy that a lot of scouts think is a generational talent. Ezekiel Elliott really changed the way running backs are looked at in the first round. Fournette could, and should be great, unfortunately no one has much faith in the Jaguars organization when it comes to developing offensive talent.

5 – Tennessee Titans – S Malik Hooker, Ohio State

Hooker is a guy that not only will play right away, he will change the entire defense. Hooker has incredible ball skills and instincts, he can cover a ton of ground, and he will anchor this defense for years to come. To draft a safety in the top 5, a team has to know that the player will be a game changer, Hooker is that guy. Honestly in the discussion for best prospect in the whole draft.

6 – New York Jets – QB DeShaun Watson, Clemson

Trubisky is all about the upside and the tools that he has. Watson is all about the intangibles, experience, and leadership that he brings to a team. The way that Watson has played on the biggest stage the past couple years against Alabama has thrust him into the spotlight. I love a guy that has an edge, and leading up to the draft Watson has been quoted by saying that teams that draft Trubisky ahead of him will regret it. That’s confidence.

7 – Los Angeles Chargers – DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford

Joey Bosa was a great pick at #3 last year. This year the Chargers will look to continue to add defensive talent. The defensive bookends of Bosa and Thomas could be nasty for years to come. What Thomas brings to the table is a great football mind, a non-stop motor, and position flexibility. The Chargers would be lucky to have him fall to 7.

8 – Carolina Panthers – RB Christian McCaffrey, Stanford

If Fournette was here, I think that the Panthers would jump all over it. But the consolation prize is not a bad one at all. McCaffery is such a weapon. He can be a Pro Bowl running back, a very dynamic slot receiver, and an explosive return man. McCaffery matched up with Cam Newton in the Panthers scheme is nasty.

9 – Cincinnati Bengals – DL Jonathan Allen, Alabama

A lot of draft experts have connected the Bengals with some of the more high risk prospects of the draft. I just don’t know that a top 10 pick is going for some of the bigger question marks. Jonathan Allen is a mean defensive lineman. While his shoulders have taken him off of some teams’ draft boards, rumor has it that the Bengals don’t have the same concerns. This would be a great match.

10 – Buffalo Bills – WR Mike Williams, Clemson

Sammy Watkins has been great, and then hurt, and then pretty good, and then hurt, and then average. Now the team has questions whether they are going to take the 5th year option on his rookie contract. That puts his future with the team in future. Williams can be a #2 to Watkins if Watkins can stay healthy, or take over as the primary target.

11 – New Orleans Saints – DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee

The Saints have the luxury of having two 1st round draft picks. That gives them the ability to go best player available. They need to draft a cornerback early, but can do that with the 32nd pick. Here they go with a disruptive pass rusher that can dominate from both end positions. The Saints need to generate some quarterback pressure to cover other defensive inefficiencies.

12 – Cleveland Browns – TE O.J. Howard, Alabama

Garrett at #1, and the best tight end to come into the draft in years. Not a bad first round for the Browns. Howard has the rare ability to play inline as a blocker, and get down field as a receiver. The comparison has been to Greg Olsen, who is only one of the most reliable and consistent tight end targets in the league.

13 – Arizona Cardinals – QB Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

Carson Palmer has maybe a couple good years left. Mahomes is a project that would be well suited to sit behind a veteran quarterback like Palmer. Mahomes has all the tools that you hope for in a quarterback; huge arm, leadership, ability to make any throw on the field. The Cardinals make a pick that will pay off in the next few years.

14 – Philadelphia Eagles – S Jamal Adams, LSU

The Eagles would love a running back or wide receiver here that could change their offense, and help the development of their second year quarterback. If Adams were to slip to 14, the Eagles would sprint to turn their card in. Adams is a big time playmaker and will help anchor the secondary for years to come.

15 – Indianapolis Colts – OT Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

Andrew Luck is an elite quarterback. The biggest problem is that he can’t stay on the field for 16 games because he is constantly beat on. The offensive line has been terrible the past few years and the Colts will look to stop the bleeding a bit by going with a high upside tackle in the first round.

16 – Baltimore Ravens – WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan

Mike Wallace, Michael Campanaro, and Breshad Perriman are the Ravens top receivers. That just won’t get it done. Davis can be a number one receiver that can dominate possessions and demand attention from the defense which will open it up for the run game.

17 – Washington Redskins – LB Haason Reddick, Temple

Haason Reddick is one of the most versatile prospects in this draft, and the Redskins would be shocked and excited if he were available at #17. Reddick could be a rush end, a stand up linebacker, or a hybrid pass rusher that can disrupt every play. The Redskins need playmakers in the front seven and Reddick would make an impact Week One.

18 – Tennessee Titans – WR John Ross, Washington

Marcus Mariota is emerging as a quality NFL quarterback. The next step for this franchise is to surround him with weapons. Ross broke the 40-yard dash record at the combine and can stretch the field. If Ross can stay healthy after multiple knee injuries, he will be a steal mid way through the first round.

19 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – RB Dalvin Cook, Florida State

Unfortunately for the Bucs, Doug Martin has flashed brilliance, but then a few weeks later looked like a backup. He is currently serving a suspension and will miss the first three games of the season. Cook would step in Week one and be a feature back. This is a great situation for Cook and the Bucs.

20 – Denver Broncos – OT Garett Bolles, Utah

You can’t analyze the needs in this draft without realizing just how badly the Broncos need offensive line help. Bolles has some questions off the field, and is 25 years old, but he would be a day one starter for a line that desperately needs his athleticism and technique.

21 – Detroit Lions – CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

The Lions could go in a lot of different direction with this pick but I think they would be intrigued with adding a cornerback with the size and skill that Humphrey has. The Lions have Slay and Hayden, but they play in a division that is very pass heavy. Humphrey would carve out a very nice role for himself in Detroit.

22 – Miami Dolphins – OL Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky

Lamp was a relative unknown before the Senior Bowl, where he was the standout offensive lineman of the group. Lamp played left tackle at Western Kentucky, but projects to be an interior offensive lineman in the NFL. Jay Ajayi broke out as a quality running back in 2016 and would be well serve to have a more solid offensive line.

23 – New York Giants – TE David Njoku, Miami

I really don’t think that Njoku falls this far, just so happens to be the way that my draft falls. Njoku would be a great fit in a pass-heavy offense in the Big Apple. Eli Manning would be incredibly happy with a receiving corps of Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Brandon Marshall, and Njoku.

24 – Oakland Raiders – LB Jarrad Davis, Florida

Davis is a guy that has started to shoot up draft boards. This is a linebacker that will make his impact felt early in his career. The Raiders look to be heading to an agreement to bring in Marshawn Lynch as their running back, so they will go defense in the first round on Thursday.

25 – Houston Texans – QB DeShone Kizer, Notre Dame

So many people are talking about how there may only be 1 or 2 quarterbacks taken in the first round. That is ludicrous. The quarterback position has never been more valuable and there are so many teams in the league that need a boost at that position. The Texans take a boom-or-bust prospect in Kizer for one simple reason, they need a quarterback.

26 – Seattle Seahawks – CB Kevin King, Washington

King played his college ball in Seattle, now he will play his professional ball in Seattle as well. King was the second best corner for the Huskies, but he is healthy and will be drafted a round or two sooner than Sydney Jones. King would be a huge addition to the Legion of Boom.

27 – Kansas City Chiefs – DL Malik McDowell, Michigan State

Kansas City has been rumored to have interest in a quarterback but with the top 4 off the board, they won’t go that direction. The Chiefs could trade out of the first round, but if they stay put they should take a swing for the fences. McDowell is big time talent, but has had some effort issues in his time at Michigan State. This would be one of the ideal landing spots for McDowell.

28 – Dallas Cowboys – DE Takkarist McKinley, UCLA

The Cowboys need secondary and pass rush help more than anything else in this draft. With cornerbacks Marlon Humphrey and Kevin King still on the board, I was tempted to go that way. In the end, I think cornerback is a deeper position and the Cowboys could get a quality starter in Round 2. Takk had an impressive combine, running a 4.59 40-yard dash. In comparison, that was faster than top wide receiver prospect Mike Williams, and faster than any top QB prospect in the draft. McKinley may not be ready Week One after a shoulder surgery post-combine, but will be a disruptive pass rusher as a rookie.

29 – Green Bay Packers – DE T.J. Watt, Wisconsin

The brother of J.J. Watt, T.J., is about to be drafted and the Packers would be an outstanding spot for Watt to land. The question a lot of people have is, would T.J. Watt be a first round draft pick if his last name were Johnson, or Smith? I’m not sure. His combine workout was good, and he is a talented rush end, but we’ll see if he can live up to his last name.


30 – Pittsburgh Steelers – LB Rueben Foster, Alabama

There are two major questions surrounding Foster. The first is his injury history. His shoulders have chronic issues, and he plays at 100% all of the time which leaves him open to injuries. The second question is the dilute drug test that is being reported. It isn’t technically a “failed” drug test, but it puts him into the NFL Drug program, and it raises major questions. Pittsburgh has a veteran defense that can take Foster under their wing and help him succeed.

31 – Atlanta Falcons – DE Charles Harris, Missouri

In my opinion, Harris is one of the safest picks in this draft. While he does not have the elite speed or the physical traits that some of the top prospects have, but he is consistent and can be dominant. Harris will make a team in the first round very happy with his addition.

32 – New Orleans Saints – QB Davis Webb, California

A 5th quarterback in the first round?? Crazy, right? Not really. Webb doesn’t deserve to be a first round draft pick but he may be a first round selection. The 5th year on the rookie contract is worth something to teams and someone may try to trade up into this spot to ensure that they could draft a project quarterback that is under contract for 5 years.