2021 NFL Draft: Penei Sewell's stock taking a hit by anonymous scouts


It is finally NFL Draft week!

With that, Oregon Ducks fans are excited and expecting Penei Sewell to be taken on the first day. Maybe in the first hour!

A lot of mock drafts have Sewell being taken at the No. 5 spot to the Cincinnati Bengals.

But it seems that some anonymous scouts are making one last-ditch effort to make Sewell slide out of his expected place in the draft.

These nameless, faceless so-called scouts might have different ulterior motives.

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In a recent article from Bob McGinn of The Athletic, some weren't so high on the soon to be pro. 

A bit overrated. He is a naturally thick, big-framed tackle. His workout was actually better than he played. I didn’t think he was super explosive. He covered people up with his size, and he would gouge somebody just because he was bigger than them. And name one pass rusher he actually played against in the Pac-12 who’s on a draft board?

Anonymous Scout

Another scout added: “I put the tape on expecting to see Jonathan Ogden or Joe Thomas or Walter Jones or Orlando Pace, and I didn’t see it, but he’s going high because there’s nobody else.”

If we're viewing things through the lens of "is this man an immediate Hall of Famer," then we may be a little too nitpicky. 

“He’s a good player, not a great player,” another unnamed scout told McGinn. “The guy’s young. He didn’t play this year.”

Sewell opted out of last season at Oregon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, he was focusing on Draft preparation. 

Sewell allowed just one sack in 1,376 snaps across two seasons. His numbers proves that he is worth the pick at a high number.


So, what gives? Why is Sewell being called overrated while these scouts are also fawning over this year's group of quarterbacks, which could be riskier selections than Sewell?

Anonymously provided opinions can be taken how you want to read them. They should not sway your opinion of what you think Sewell should go in the draft or not.

These scouts will also lie in these circumstances to try and drive his stock down for their team to take him. 

It's all a game of cat and mouse. 

This is the NFL Draft, and all is fair in love and war. 

Overall, general managers have the final say on who they want to pick. So will just have to wait and see where Sewell lands when his name is called on Thursday.