Anonymous Pac-12 Coach: Our nose is so f-ing far up the Big Ten's ass


Pac-12 football is nearly back but some conference coaches think some of the latest dates floated for its return are unrealistic, per Bruce Feldman of The Athletic.

Feldman reports that several Pac-12 coaches don't believe a late-October start date is realistic with one Athletic Directors stating it "ain't happening." Larry Scott said Wednesday a late-October start date was the "best case scenario." 

One coach in particular, quoted anonymously, had the harshest words for his conference in Feldman's report:   

“I don’t wanna hear health and wellness out of anybody’s mouth,” the Pac-12 head coach told Feldman Thursday morning. “The 'We Are United' players, they have a f***ing point. It’s not f***ing ping pong. You don’t just open the garage door and go play."

Big Ten schools such as Ohio State and Nebraska have been vocal about playing out this season ever since the Big Ten announced its college football season would be delayed until 2021 on August 11th, the same day the Pac-12 unanimously came to the same decision.  

Then on September 15, the Big Ten voted to return to the field in just over a month on October 24. Leading up to the decision, Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez told Yahoo! Sports his program will be ready to play in three weeks.

Meanwhile, health officials have told the Pac-12 that six weeks of full-contact practice are necessary before playing a competitive football game. After the Big Ten announced its season was moved up, momentum quickly mounted for the Pac-12 to make the same decision. 


“I don’t think people know that when the seasons were postponed, the Big Ten and Pac-12 took completely different paths," added the anonymous coach. "They kept going like it was still training camp. They kept the same schedule like they were gonna play. We didn’t. Half of our schools couldn’t. Our nose is so f***ing far up the Big Ten’s ass. Let’s just do what’s best for the Pac-12. Why do we work out in the summer (usually) if we only need a few weeks?”

When the Pac-12 season was suspended, Oregon permitted its players to go home. Since then, Oregon has told its players to report to campus on September 20 with training beginning a week later. If that's the case, and the six-week training period is implemented, then the Pac-12 college football season could begin as soon as November 7, speculatively speaking, two months ahead of the tentatively scheduled January 1, 2021 timeline. 

After Friday's meeting between Pac-12 conference officials, Feldman later reported that it was a "very positive meeting" and "much of the discussion was about a plan to start play Nov. 7."

No official vote has been held as of yet but all signs, including the money, lead everyone to believe the season is going to happen in 2020.