Bol Bol has Rookie of the Year on the mind and it’s completely realistic


Bol Bol has one goal on his mind for this 2020-21 NBA season: Rookie of the Year.

How is that possible since he was drafted No. 44 overall by the Denver Nuggets in the 2019 NBA Draft and played in the NBA’s restart down in the Orlando, Florida bubble?

The NBA issued a new rule last year that if a player was to make his professional debut in the bubble, that player would be eligible for Rookie of the Year the following season.

According to ESPN and sources, the NBA's decision came down to the fact that since seeding games won't count toward this year's ballot, it doesn't make sense to penalize a player such as Bol from being eligible next season.

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This was the case for the former 7’2” Oregon Duck forward. 

Although he only had nine college games under his belt, Bol lit up the stat lines. He averaged 21.0 points and 9.3 rebounds per game while shooting .520 from three-point range, 24 total blocks and seven steals. Simply put, he is everywhere on both sides of the court.

Which is why he was such an intriguing pick in the draft despite suffering a foot injury and missing a majority of his one year in college. 

He continued his rehab throughout last season, but finally made his NBA debut during the Bubble. Bol averaged 4.8 points and 1.3 rebounds in four games played. 


And then, once again, a video surfaced from Denver’s Twitter account showed Bol picking up where he left off and proving why the Nuggets selected him on draft night. 

Will Bol be the front-runner for this award next season? We’ll soon find out because that next season is here in just a few days.