Brandon Staley envisions Justin Herbert evolving into a coach on the field


After a historic rookie season, the Los Angeles Chargers are all-in on Justin Herbert being the franchise's immediate and long-term future.

With that decision came the hiring of new head coach Brandon Staley who told the media he envisions Herbert taking another step as a sophomore professional signal caller. To do so, however, the Ducks product needs to become the equivalent of a coach on the field. 

Someone who can recognize the defense and make the opponent pay without any input from the sidelines; a skill that has led to Super Bowls for players such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers as noted by Staley. 

“They can operate much more effectively, because they don’t need that extra someone telling them what to do," he said via Albert Breer of

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“What makes those two guys specifically unique is that you’re eliminating one of the variables in the equation,” Staley said, “When they don’t need the coach, when they are the coach, that’s a much more dangerous person to have to defend, because you’re not waiting for the coach to help them. They know how to help themselves. And that’s what I think we’re trying to achieve.”

After a campaign which saw Herbert take home the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, Staley cannot wait to see how his quarterback develops. 


“I know that we’re just at the beginning, but he’s the right guy to be working with. He’s got such a great heart. It’s not just his talent; he’s got a great heart, and he’s got a great head on his shoulders. And I’m really excited to get to training camp and really start competing together.”

Herbert's the exact type of player, physically and mentally, to build a team around for the long-term.