Celtics guard Payton Pritchard absolutely owns the Toronto Raptors


When you’re hot, you’re hot— and against the Toronto Raptors this season, Payton Pritchard is hot. 

The Celtics rookie guard has already made a name for himself in the NBA, but the Toronto Raptors and their fans would much rather not know Payton Pritchard exists. 

That’s because the former Oregon product is absolutely OWNING the Raptors in their two games this season. 

Averaging 8.4 points this season, Pritchard has scored 20 points or more twice this season. 

Both times have been against the Toronto Raptors. 

He’s shooting 60.5% from the floor and is 8 for 12 from three-point range in two games. 

It even prompted this photoshopped photo of Pritchard cradling Raptors head coach Nick Nurse in his arms. =

Maybe it was the Raptors, or maybe it was the Oregon shoes that he was sporting during Thursday night’s contest. 

And in the most baller move, Pritchard did his postgame media availability— from his car. 

Notice the Portland hat? 

It’s safe to say, C’s fans are LOVING their first-round pick. 

Raptors fans? Not so much. 

Check out the highlights from Pritchard’s 20-point performance.