Oregon Ducks

Oregon Ducks

My favorite part of the news conference introducing Jonathan Smith as the head football coach at Oregon State probably went unnoticed by a lot of people.

Someone asked Smith what, as the new coach, his slogan is. It's become a thing lately. You know, You "Win The Day" or you "Do Something" or you "Row The Boat." I guess I'd even include "Have a good day -- if you want" in that category, which may be the silliest of them all.

My favorite part of this was Smith's answer -- or non-answer to the question. He seemed taken aback by it, almost bewildered. He then admitted he didn't have one.


That made me happy. I'm getting tired of these trite, worn-out little sayings that make coaches seem as if they're trying to sell me something on an infomercial. And I must admit I've always had some mistrust of people who toss them out at first opportunity. So often they seem like a substitute for something a little more valuable. Tell me something I can use. Give me something of value, in your own words, but don't throw out something that sounds like the title of a cheap self-help book.

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And then, for sure, don't try to sell that slogan to me a couple of weeks later on a T-shirt.

Willie Taggart got to Florida State and threw out much of the same jargon he used at Oregon. He reminded me of a vacuum-cleaner salesman going from town-to-town and using the same script on the local rubes everywhere.

To an extent, I could take Chip Kelly's "Win The Day." That works, I guess. But come on -- "Do Something"? That's meaningless. Might as well tell me "Stupid is as stupid does."

And I do think it's possible to win games without having to hang your hat on some sort of catch phrase. Just keep it real, please. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

See what I did there?